1- Each individual or corporate accounts must be registered with correct information which will be able to verified by our team.

2- Unverified accounts might be temporarily or permanently banned at anytime. In case if you are banned for this reason, your future accounts will be automatically banned as well. For this reason, once you sign up to our system, you must verify your account immediately.

3- We have over 40 different membership types depends on subscription type. Those 40 membership types separated into 4 categories. If you are in one category, you will not be able to use other category for your account. For this reason, please submit your info to get offered with the best subscription that suits you. Corporate members will always get the best offers.

4- You cannot use someone else's credit card or bank account. In case if you cannot verify the payment, you will be permanently banned, and no refund will be made.

5- You cannot use a stolen credit card or flagged payment account. In case if you do, you will be permanently banned, and no refund will be made.

6- We deliver what we exactly write in the description of the each services. For this reason, you are responsible to read each of the service descriptions before you make any order.

7- If you do not follow Terms of Use, and description of the each services, there will be no refund for any purposes.

8- You cannot use 2 services for the same account, username, link, posts or anything at the same time. There will be no refund made in case if you do it.

9- Missplaced orders will not be refunded.

10- When you place an order, we cannot stop or cancel it. If the order has cancellation option, you will have the button on the order list page. For all other orders, you will have to wait until it's delivered or cancelled.

11- There are different estimated delivery times depends on each account categories, membership types and levels. Your ticket will be automatically closed if you open a ticket for an order which does not exceed its estimated time yet.

12- Making a dark propaganda about us will make your account get banned.

13- We follow international laws rather than the national laws. In case, if we found anything illegal matches with your account, your company or you, your account will be banned.

14- We will not tolerate communication abuse. Your account will be banned with no tolerance.

15- Instead of opening a ticket in our platform, if you choose to report our services in other websites, your account will be banned.

16- If you dispute a payment which you made to us, your account will be banned permanently.

17- If your account is banned for any reason, you will have no rights to get any refund.

18- When you visit our website or sign up as member or start using our services; you hereby declare that you read and accept Terms of Use, and all the descriptions of the services.